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Privacy Policy:
Email: is part of the Homes Discovered network of real estate websites. is a product of DDP Partners, LLC an Arizona limited liability company with its corporate headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. For purposes of this privacy statement, "" means DDP Partners, LLC.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, please contact at takes your privacy seriously and recognizes the desire for privacy as a primary concern for our visitors. We recognize that entrusting us with your contact information to begin searching homes is a privacy concern for many people. We take every precautionary measure possible to make sure your information is secure. By no means will share any personal information about you with any person or organization except: as authorized by you via your voluntary completion of the MLS search form which will be provided to our licensed, professional real estate agent partners to assist you in your home search, or as may be required by law or court order.

By voluntarily completing and submitting any form on or within a website, you are authorizing a member of our preferred agent network to contact you via phone and/or e-mail, regardless of any Do Not Call lists that your number may be registered under at the National or State levels.

If you are a potential home buyer, please keep in mind that in almost all cases, having an agent represent you as a buyer is 100% free. All costs are typically paid for by the home seller and are assumed to be normal seller closing costs. The benefit of having buyer representation is tremendous, and at no cost, it is highly advisable to work with an agent.

The Privacy Policy below outlines our guidelines for handling information about you and your home search request.

We want you to be aware of:

* Who we are
* Information we may collect
* How your information is used

1. Who We Are: is a tool that provides Internet home seekers with the ability to conduct research on houses in areas that they are interested in easily and in real time. We work with a highly qualified network of real estate agents throughout the United States who are experienced with the needs and wants of the Internet savvy home seeker. This network of agents exists to enhance the home searching experience once the online home search phase has been initiated.

2. Information We Collect: websites serve the purpose of assisting online home seekers with their research, as well as ensuring that a highly experienced agent is available to enhance the experience as well as assist with any home buying transactions. In order to properly accomplish our purpose, we must collect several items of contact information.

Contact Information: If we are to accurately assist in your home buying experience, we must know who you are. Our agent partners cannot assist in the home seeking experience without proper contact information.

3. How your information is used: uses the information you provide to match you up with our preferred agents who will assist you in your home search. We do not provide your information to any third parties outside of our agent network. We believe your information is private and will remain private as long as it is in our hands.

Limitations on Sharing: We are sharing your information with a limited number of agents. No more than 3 different agents will receive your information to help you with your home search request. In most cases you will be matched up with only 1 agent. These agents will likely be contacting you to assist in your home search. They will be well suited to provide more in depth searches, statistics on housing in specific areas, school information and much more. They are experts in the particular areas you are searching in, and should be viewed as a valuable resource that is available at no cost.

If you have any concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us at

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